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# Training Games:
AI's Probability of Winning
  • The AI estimates its probability of winning based on its playing history.
  • Board configurations leading to wins will have their probability increased, while those leading to losses will have their probability decreased.
  • Probabilities are updated in real-time. If multiple people are visiting this site at the same time they will update each other's probabilities.
  • If the AI's memory is wiped, all of its probabilities will go back to neutral (50%).
  • The AI can be quickly retrained by running simulations in batch mode.
Temporal Difference Learning
  • Initially, the AI moves randomly unless its next move results in a win.
  • Moves leading to a win will become preferred in the future. Similarly, moves leading to a loss will be avoided.
  • The AI will sometimes make an exploratory move. These moves will ignore what has been learned in the previous games in order to explore alternate strategies.
  • Click here for more information on temporal difference learning.
Technologies Used
  • AI Logic: Python
  • Frontend: Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Backend: Python Flask Framework